Clothespin Puppets


Clothespin Puppets is an out of the ordinary company dedicated to promoting the arts and art education.  Our goal is to providing unique theatrical experiences that featuring puppetry and storytelling.  Our one-of-a-kind shows are custom adaptations based on popular children’s literature as well as original stories.  Our focus is to provide enrichment programs that are as educational as they are entertaining.  Use the links above to discover the great programs we offer and to book us for your next event.

Below is a new video that shows the mechanisms inside my new puppet.  We are working on a new book for the Picture Book Show.  Parts by Tedd Arnold is a great little book about a young guy who thinks his body is falling apart!  One of the things that the puppet has to do is fall apart on cue!  The mechanism in the video is our solution to making the eyes and ears fall off.

You can read more about this project on our blog.  Just click here to see the progress.